Bust Opens Slot on FBI 'Most Wanted'

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Bust Opens Slot on FBI 'Most Wanted' Los Angeles FBI officials with help from Mexican authorities arrested Jose "Joe" Luis Saenz late in the day on Thanksgiving, leaving an opening on the FBI's list of the most dangerous criminals in America. Saenz was wanted for allegedly killing two rival gang members as well as allegedly kidnapping, raping and killing his girlfriend 14 years ago. He joined the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list along with Mexican drug lordEduardo Ravelo and Russian mobster Semion Mogilevich in October 2009, after three other accused criminals were apprehended that year. Read top ten facts about the FBI's Top Ten list here. FBI officials will soon be considering a fresh batch of the accused. They don't keep a pool of potential additions in mind, so they had no names to offer Monday.

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