Women Launch Clothing Line for Breast Cancer Survivors

News - ABC News

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Women Launch Clothing Line for Breast Cancer Survivors They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in Laurel Kamen's case, it certainly was. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2011, Kamen was told she would undergo a mastectomy. On the eve of her surgery, after trying and failing to find clothes that would be both comfortable and fashionable during her post-operation recovery period, Kamen noticed a gaping hole in the fashion market and decided to fill the niche herself. Thirteen months later, Kamen is debuting the Alloro Collection, a fashion friendly line of clothing suited for post-op recovery. "I didn't want to have to step out of the world of fashion just because I had breast cancer," Kamen said. "I wanted to stay in the world of fashion, still be able to buy a nice dress to go out to dinner, or a nice blouse to go to a Bat Mitzvah or a wedding. I just felt that women with all of these sensitivities need to be addressed -- and they could still look gorgeous."

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