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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK COVERAGE ADVISORY New York Fashion Week begins Thursday, Sept. 5 and runs through Thursday, Sept. 12, to be followed by fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris. The AP plans coverage in all formats, including a new interactive featuring behind-the-scenes Instagram photos from AP reporters and photographers, and special photo galleries from fashion insiders. The AP plans the following coverage, details and timing subject to change: — TEXT: Reviews of 60-plus shows move as individual stories to Lifestyles subscribers. A condensed version of each day's highlights will move to the national wire slugged BC-US--Fashion Week-Day 1, etc. — PHOTOS: Runway and celebrity photos from 60-plus shows, plus behind-the-scenes Instagram photos from . While some photo numbers will be listed with individual stories, additional photos also will move. — VIDEO: 2-3 runway videos per day starting Friday. — SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow @AP—Fashion for breaking...
image BC-US--Fashion Week,Advisory, US BC-US--Fashion Week,Advisory, US BC-US--Fashion Week,Advisory, US BC-US--Fashion Week,Advisory, US

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