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Valparaiso Police to Add Two New K9s

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The Valparaiso Police Department plans to add two new police dogs to the force this year. Police Chief Michael Brickner says that's big for 2014 and represents a huge investment for the department.  "They're a big part of our department, our dogs," Chief Brickner told the Region News Team, "and the public support of that program has really been outstanding."  Chief Brickner says the K9s not only contribute significantly to crime-fighting efforts, they're also very popular at public events.  "Everybody loves the police dogs," Chief Brickner said, and kids love them, "and they're just great with people. It's interesting how they can almost turn on a switch, on and off," Brickner said,  to go from "a playful, nice dog to a working police dog."  Brickner says there are four patrol shifts in Valparaiso, and each crew will have a dog assigned to it.
Here is information recently released by the Valparaiso Police from the department's 2013 summary (the info is also at the Valparaiso Police Department's Facebook page:  )
2013 K9 Summary
The K-9 Unit includes Officer Todd and K9 Geist, Officer Jerame Simpson and K9 Cairo and Officer Joe Hall and K9 Femmy. The K-9 program is coordinated by Officer Todd Kobitz. The K-9 program was responsible for 82 narcotic finds in 2013, bring their total narcotic finds to 1280 since the year 2000, (the initiation of the program). A narcotic find is defined as the dogs locating actual drugs/or items of paraphernalia with drug residue. In 2013 the K-9s were responsible for 68 arrests. The K-9’s were used a total of 278 times in 2013, a total of 40 uses were for building searches or tracking uses.
In May of 2013 the K-9 team and Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 76 sponsored their 2nd annual 5K road race to raise money for the program. The event once again, was a huge success, with more than 200 runners and walkers participating in the event. The K-9 team would like to thank all their sponsors and runners for their participation in this year’s event!
In September the K-9 team hosted the North America Police Workdog Association (NAPWDA) fall training workshop/conference. K-9 Officers and their K-9 partners from across Indiana and neighboring states evaded Valparaiso for the workshop. The event was a huge success and concluded with a huge public display that included drug searches, tracking suspects, apprehending suspects, K-9 obedience and locating explosives.
On a sad note—On October 29, 2013 recently retired K-9 Frida lost her battle with cancer. She has been greatly missed.


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