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BMV Policy Change to Help Veterans

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The Indiana BMV this month established a new policy that gives qualified veterans a waiver from from the driver skills test needed for a commercial drivers license. Here's more info:

News Release: [November 28, 2012] INDIANAPOLIS – Thanks to the efforts of State Rep. Chuck Moseley (D-Portage), Hoosier veterans who have gained experience driving trucks and other heavy equipment will have an easier time using those skills to find employment once their military service is completed.

            Earlier this month, the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) established a new policy that allows the agency to waive a skills test for select veterans who are applying for an Indiana Commercial Driver’s License. The change would impact veterans who completed an approved military driver training program and operated a truck as a regular duty.

            The new policy resulted from inquiries made by Moseley over the summer during his service on the Interim Study Committee on Driver Education. After lawmakers on the committee discussed the possibility of the change, BMV officials chose to enact the proposal administratively.

            “I am acutely aware that many Hoosier veterans are having trouble finding jobs when they return home,” Moseley said. “I fervently believe we need to go above and beyond the call of duty to help these men and women for all they have done for us.

            “Those veterans whose service consisted largely of driving trucks and other large equipment gained those skills through the same type of training demanded when applying for a commercial driver’s license in Indiana,” he continued. “I see no reason why they cannot claim those military training hours as experience when they get out of the service and seek a commercial license.

            “I feel that this is one small way that we can make it easier for our veterans to pursue job opportunities when they return home, and I am pleased that the state has agreed with my proposal and moved quickly to make it policy,” Moseley concluded.

            All military applicants still must pass a required written test before receiving a license.

            If an applicant has not completed the proper military motor transport operator course, but does have two years of commercial motor vehicle safe driving experience in similar military vehicles, that person must take the skills test. Any testing fees and vehicle rentals will be reimbursed if the applicant passes the skills test.

            To apply for the waiver, Moseley said a person first must complete, save and print a skills test waiver (found at ) and secure the signature of the applicant’s commanding officer or the responsible person in his/her military chain of command that attests to the applicant’s military driving experience. The applicant can visit a BMV branch, pass the required written tests and have a CDL permit issued.

            Applicants can submit the completed waiver form, along with a copy of the applicant’s military Commercial Driver’s License and a form DA1059 by faxing the documentation to 317-974-1615, dropping the materials at any BMV branch or mailing to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, ATTN.: CDL Programs, 100 North Senate Avenue, IGCN Room N481, Indianapolis IN 46204. 



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