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NWI Doctors Call on Congress to Intervene in Syria

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Merrillville – As with all doctors of medicine, a cadre of eight Northwest Indiana physicians of Syrian and other Middle Eastern descents, came together earlier this week to put the oath they take before becoming doctors into a most unique practice. They are out to save lives and as such, these physicians who care very much about their fellow countrymen and the current crisis in Syria, want to do something about it. They want the United States to help free the Syrian people from a tyrannical regime of deadly intolerance and cruelty. 
In this meeting the 8 doctors drafted a ten-point discussion as to why Congress should support President Barack Obama in his request to have the United States military intervene in the crisis. The document includes:
1. The United States cannot avoid being pulled into the conflict; 2. Each day the United States waits to act, the number of extremists entering Syria increases; 3. Intervention in Syria is not comparable to Iraq or Afghanistan (rather it’s like Kosovo or Rwanda); 4. The conflict in Syria is not a civil war; sectarianism inside Syria has been introduced by the (Bashar al-) Assad regime and other regional forces; 5. Inaction by the United States risks breeding extremism among the more vulnerable Syrian youth; 6. What is stopping the Assad regime from repeating the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) against the Syrian people and American allies in the region? 7. Rouge governments; namely Iran and North Korea, are closely watching the U. S. response to Syria’s use of chemical ways; 8. The United States has tried diplomacy over the past 30 months, and it has not worked; 9, Lack of action by the United States will embolden the Assad regime and 10, Americans cannot expect the Syrians to make progress towards their ultimate goal of political, civic and economic freedoms without additional U. S. and international support
Led by Doctors Abdul Kawamleh and Wayel Kaakaji, the physicians are concerned for the safety of their fellow Syrians. "The Syrian people cannot tolerate any more of the Assad regime, which is killing hundreds of civilians every day," says Dr. Kawamleh who goes on to explain,. “It is now confirmed that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against its own people on at least 24 occasion. For example, on August 21, 1429 people died in the regime’s latest attack using sarin chemicals, which included 426 children who died from suffocation when they sought to find shelter from the attack." The latter was the largest in scare and number of fatalities.

Secretary of State John Kerry agrees. In his September 3 testimony before the U S Senate Foreign Relations Committee Kerry said, “This attack against some 1400 Syrian people is a despot’s brutal and flagrant use of chemical weapons.”
But many more "innocent civilians" are being killed by missiles, air attacks, artillery fire, and sniper attacks, and over 2 million Syrians have become refugees as a result of the conflict..
Attending the meeting with Kawamlehand Kaakaji were Doctors H. Safadi, A. Safadi, Alnahass, Ghaith Atassi, Faleh Atassi, Bassel Shughoury, Firas Zeitoun, Yaser Alobeid and Elian Shepherd. Of those attending, a few have traveled to Syria and Jordan to see for themselves the atrocities inflicted by the Assad forces on the Syrian people. Those physicians who have traveled to the Middle East have also provided free medical care and supplies to as many as they could manage in a two to four week visit.
“The Syrian people have a long history of acceptance and tolerance among religions and sects," says Dr. Kawamleh, “The Assad regime has showed that they are willing to use WMD’s to stay in power.” He adds, “By not intervening, Syria grows more unsettled and unstabilized.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has drafted a resolution in support of given Mr.Obama the powers he is requesting, and the full Senate is expected to adopt the resolution. The same powers may face more difficulty in the U. S. House of Representatives when it takes up the resolution next week.
Kawamleh says, "Over one million Syrian are living in absolute squalor in refugee camps throughout the Middle East, including Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. If the United States does not act to stop the Assad regime, and help these children return home to their families, this society will risk lose a generation of Syrians to extremism. That then could be a social nightmare for all civilized nations of the world."
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